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Our Mission & Commitment

Whether through Offensive, Defensive, or Investigative efforts, we hope to earn your business as a trusted security partner, and look forward to building a valued working relationship with you and your team.

About Our Team

We are a small group of Rabbit-Holing Researchers, Developers, and Hackers who provide Professional Offensive and Defensive Security Services to clients of all sizes. We specialize in delivering high-value, actionable tools and data enrichments with a strong focus on identification and removal of potential attack paths, vulnerabilities and information leakages. Our core services include Penetration Testing, OSINT Investigations, Digital Foot-printing, Threat Landscape Awareness, Software Development, along with Incident Response, VCISO support and Security Consultation.

CEO / Strategic Security Team

Jimi Allee

With over 25 years in the Information Security industry, Jimi has successfully navigated through many roles within the Infosec landscape, including Network/System/Security Engineering, Threat Intel/Risk Analysis, Offensive Security, Red/Blue/Purple Teaming as well as Research & Development. A former member of the US National Video Game Team, Jimi’s passionate curiousity brings a gamer mentality to the world of Threat Research, Detection and Elimination.

COO / Strategic Security Team

Chris Sotiros

A dual graduate in Cybersecurity and Networking, Chris currently holds several industry certs, and has 5+ years of experience in the Information Security industry as an Architect, Analyst, and Digital Forensics/Incident Response engineer. Experience working with medium-to-large sized environments, providng MSP/MSSP solutions, and project management. A programmer, game developer, and previous business owner with strong management skills make Chris a great asset to the team.

CDO / Strategic Security Team

Tyler Grant

A software engineer with a natural knack for security and creating resilient, complex applications.Tyler has been involved in enterprise Software Development and Cybersecurity for over 10 years, working in academic, commercial, and start-up environments, and brings a wealth of developmental and hardening knowledge to the team. Part owner, lead programmer, and vCISO at Expimetrics (affiliated with Purdue University, now called Expiwell) before moving on to Arbor Networks.

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